J. Cole shared a new track 'Cole Summer,' which the rapper declares is not an album preview for 'Born Sinner,' out June 25. There's plenty weighing heavily on Cole's mind and he wants to get a lot of things off his chest.

Based on the lyrics, it sounds like there is a hamster on a continuously spinning wheel in his brain, since he spits rhymes about his worries, concerns and anxieties. Let's hope this song had the same effect as a dose of Xanax or Klonopin and helped quell his fears.

Cole pops off about cooking beats; offering refunds to those who buy but are disappointed by his music; the indecisiveness of his label about when to release his album and recouping (making back what the record company spent to promote the album) in the first week.

He samples Lauryn Hill's 'Nothing Even Matters,' and asks her not to sue him while referring to her by her preferred moniker of Miss Hill. Brownie points!

He reveals that he got his mom an E Class (Mercedes) but fears that they are both headed back to post office gigs.

However, thanks to the deft way Cole manipulates a lazy backbeat and the clever nature of his rhymes, we don't think any of his fears have a legit threat of becoming realities. They're largely unfounded.

At the end, he sings, "I need to let it go."

Mentally, yeah, you do, J. But keep making songs like this!

Listen to J. Cole 'Cole Summer'

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