J. Cole has released the first single from his upcoming album 'Born Sinner,' which is due out on Jan. 28. The song features the Roc Nation rapper bringing his gruff attitude as he compares and contrasts the state of America with the rap game.

The intense production is by Cole himself, who lays down marching drums, acoustic guitar riffs and downing piano grooves to make way for his urgent lyrics.

On the song, Hollywood Cole reflects on his days as youth trying to avoid the dangers in the 'hood. "I was a wilder n---- back on my therapist s--- / Moving careless as s--- / In a city where n----s really don't care who they hit," he raps. "Who the f--- was I? / Just a young little n---- tryin' to see the other side of the railroad tracks / Where them scarecrows at / No brains on a n---- but they'll air your back."

Now a successful rapper, Cole now has to figure out how to create viable music to sell but at the same time make music to uplift his people. "Heavy heart as I sit in this Range countin' thousands out / Am I about dollars or about change? / Am I about knowledge or about brains?" he raps on the chorus.

At the end, Cole comes to the conclusion that programmers will "never play this s--- on the radio." Since 'Miss America' doesn't have a catchy hook or a superstar guest feature it seems likely that radio might bypass it.

And shame on them for doing so, because the song boasts an honest message that needs to be heard by the masses. We need more truth tellers like J. Cole, who's not afraid to lift up a mirror and show America its true reflection.

Listen to J. Cole, 'Miss America'