Despite a voice that could shake the foundation of even the sturdiest house, Jacob Lusk has been in the bottom three the past couple of weeks, but damn if he wasn't aiming for a comeback on tonight's 'American Idol' with his rendition of Carole King's 'Oh No Not My Baby.'

The song starts out mournful with lots of high notes, but Lusk infused those parts with loads of pizzazz! Perhaps his energy level was boosted thanks to his colorful ensemble, which consisted of a blue checkered jacket and bright yellow button down shirt.

Lusk shaking his boo-tay and nailed every note as he bounced across the stage with infectious effervescence as the song's tempo began to kick into high gear. Lusk even kicked his feet, which were cloaked in sunny yellow sneakers, too! He was out to entertain with more than just his billion dollar voice! For the first time this season, Jacob Lusk looked like he was having a fun and no one, not the judges, nor the voters, could stop him. He was strutting with the kind of confidence that the biggest stars are made of.

"We all knew your could sing. It's about time you shook your tail feathers" commented Steven Tyler. "That character with the dancing and the voice is what we're looking for!"

Watch Jacob Lusk Perform 'Oh No Not My Baby' on 'American Idol'