Jake Miller had the concept for his 'First Flight Home' video in mind before the song was even finished.

"When I was writing it, that’s when I was envisioning what the music video would be about, so when the director Eric White came to me with his treatment that he thought would be best, it was exactly what I was thinking," he tells PopCrush exclusively.

Miller's 'First Flight Home' video dropped today (Aug. 7), and we love all of the vid's heartwarming moments (and there are many!), which show all different kinds of joyful, teary-eyed reunions at the airport.

"It doesn’t only capture my story coming home to the one that I love, but other people’s stories. It shows someone in the Army … coming back to their family, which is cool because of my Millertary fan base," Miller explained to us. "It shows someone in college coming back to their family. It just shows a lot of different people’s stories of their [reunions]. It’s very relatable and … very cool."

Of course, one of our favorite parts of the vid is when the rapper/singer himself comes home to his lady love, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't get chills during that reunion. Plus, we can't get over the sentiment in Miller's sweet verses, which totally have us swooning.

Watch Jake Miller's 'First Flight Home' video above, and be sure to keep an eye on PopCrush for our exclusive interview with Jake Miller, coming soon.

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