"We're all in this together, we can make it if we try," Jake Miller promises in his new song 'Ghost.'

Inspirational lyrics are nothing new for the singer, who's touched fans with his emotional track, 'A Million Lives,’ but 'Ghost' takes on an anthemic vibe we bet fans will love.

The track kicks off with some killer vocals, courtesy of Nikki Flores, who reminds us that though some days she feels like a ghost, she's not the only one. Things amp up when Jake jumps in with his rapid-fire vocals.

'Ghost' is a beautiful reminder that everyone feels pain, and Jake even offers up some advice on how to get through the tough times.

"There's a million people out there who relate to you and feel the same / So just smile and you'll be alright / When you're feeling like a ghost floating through the air / Remember stars still shine in the darkest nights / Even when you can't see them / They're always there," he raps.

You can listen to Jake and Nikki's emotional collaboration, 'Ghost,' above and be sure to pick up his 'Lion Heart' EP when it drops on Nov. 4!

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