James Blunt committed a major social media gaffe while in Poland, which upset the locals mightily. Daily Mail reports that the singer was visiting historical sites in Poland after a gig near Auschwitz and posted a photo on his Facebook page, with a caption that read: "Uh, this is my hotel in Poland." More than 5,000 complaints flooded his Facebook page after he wrote that message.

But wait a second. We know, you are wondering, "James, what were you thinking?" for making a seemingly insensitive comment about a location where millions were marched to their deaths. The posting referencing the World War II death camp was not the heart of what angered Polish people.

Turns out, Blunt was actually staying at a five-star hotel: the Niebieski Art Hotel and Spa near Krakow. People mistakenly thought that he actually was staying closer to Auschwitz and that he was complaining about those accommodations and generalizing about the country as a whole. Many thought Blunt was revealing that he was staying in a run-down, dilapidated part of town and indicating that Poland was a decaying country. Polish natives thought he was insulting the country's building standards, too.

Here's another case where a celebrity's use of social media platforms got them into trouble with TMI and a public comment that offends people. Blunt should have exercised more care and thought with his comments in this situation.

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