If you left the Thanksgiving dinner table with a few emotional bruises, look to Ed Sheeran for evidence it could have gone much, much worse.

During a 20-guest dinner at the Duke of York's Royal Lodge in Windsor earlier this month, Princess Beatrice decided to jokingly "knight" James Blunt, one of the party's attendees, according to The Daily MirrorBut as she wound up with one of the estate's ceremonial swords by swinging it back over her shoulder, she accidentally cut through Sheeran's face, and his cheek began immediately bleeding.

Sheeran set off to get stitches not long after, and sources told The Mirror Beatrice's guilt reduced her to an emotional mess.

"He could have been blinded," the source said. "Beatrice was deeply upset and inconsolable."

Photos of Sheeran's injured face had popped up on fans' social media accounts prior to the incident's reporting, and many followers mistakenly chalked up the laceration to the likely result of a drunken escapade.

Friends, remember: you can never accidentally blind someone with a whoopee cushion. Also, they remain hilarious.

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