James Blunt is best known for his massive hit 'You're Beautiful,' which has the distinction of being the No. 1  wedding song in the UK. But his new platter, 'Some Kind of Trouble,' is purposefully more upbeat, and the concerts he's been doing in support of them are so rowdy Blunt even broke (gasp!) a finger.

During a recent chat with KYMX, Blunt said, "We can do a bit of stage diving at the concerts and my live shows are much more energetic. I broke my finger in Asheville, stage diving. We have a rocking show."

The singer acknowledged that he is associated with more mellow fare but explained the more "rock" direction he took with the new album, saying, "I am known for slower, softer singles, kind of sad ones and I wrote those on acoustic guitar, which makes them sadder. I've gone in the studio [for the new album] and it was electric, working with my band and the result has been an upbeat, energetic, optimistic album. We're rocking out a little bit."

Blunt, whose new single 'No Tears' is about living with the mistakes you make in life, actually spent six years in the Army before hitting it big with his music! "I worked alongside a lot of amazing people," he recalled. "It was an amazing time. I saw other people doing incredible things. I thought I was doing an amazing job at time in the Kosovo War in 1999. The people I was most impressed by there was the good Doctors Without Borders." Blunt explained what DWB does, saying, "They go into the battlefield or wherever something is going on, be it man-made or natural disaster. They go out and save civilian lives."

Blunt also revealed that his song 'Goodbye My Lover' is the #1 funeral song in the UK, so he's good at making music that marks major life events. "I am getting all the bases covered. I am going to put another song out for divorces. It's called 'I'll Take Everything.'"