Britney Spears and her baby sister Jamie Lynn are forever bound by their blood ties. But their relationship expands beyond family gatherings and personal situations. The sisters enjoy collaborative time in the studio, too!

While their sessions may not always produce ready-for-your-ears songs, it's still quality sister time!

Jamie Lynn, who appears on 'Chillin' With You' on Brit's eighth album 'Britney Jean,' which landed with a bit of a thud earlier this month, revealed that she and Brit Brit often find themselves toying around with ideas in the studio. The result is often silly songs that never quite take a finished form.

"Whether it's listening to some of her tracks or it's me playing the guitar or playing the piano or just us messing around as sisters, we've written some really stupid, silly songs," the younger Spears sister told MTV. "It's really just so fun when you have someone who appreciates the writing process and you're so comfortable with. We've never finished anything ... but we do start."

One foot in front of the other, right?!

For 'Chillin' With You,' it was Brit who suggested that they try singing together. "I got in there and I literally sang it four or five times and it turned out really cool and we loved it," Jamie Lynn said. "As sisters it's just fun to do something like that — it was just a really natural, organic thing."

So cute! Perhaps one day those silly, started songs will end up on some sort of outtakes mixtape they elect to share. Nothing wrong with a lil' wishful thinking.