It's Jamie Lynn, b----!

Britney Spears' younger sis is proving that she is a talent in her own right, recently performing a sick mashup of her new tune 'Miss Mississippi' and her older sister's smash-hit 'Oops! I Did It Again.'

22-year-old Jamie Lynn, who left the spotlight at age 16 when she had her daughter Maddie, has been quietly living in Nashville ever since. But now, the singer is ready to make her big return -- and this time, she's venturing into country music.

Jamie Lynn performed the countrified mashup on Thursday, Dec. 5, as part of her set at Atlanta-based music venue Eddie's Attic. Backed by an acoustic guitar, banjo, and drums, there's no question that the younger Spears has got the country vibe down-pat. And based on the crowd's reaction, it looks like they agree.

Check out Jamie Lynn's performance above! Plus, see her new 'How Could I Want More' music video below.

Watch Jamie Lynn Spears' 'How Could I Want More' Video