Jason Derulo debuted his new song 'Undefeated' on tonight's episode (May 22) of 'American Idol.' The song was part of a Coca Cola promotion where fans could participate in the writing of the song's lyrics. Derulo, who has been sidelined from the road and from performing after breaking his neck while rehearsing for tour, began the song while seated. It felt like a cautious move. But like his injury, he didn't stay down.

Derulo was soon on his feet and dancing his patoot off. We were used to seeing him with his fashionable black neck brace, which he was required to wear during the recovery period. But the brace is gone and Derulo is back in fighting shape. He was flanked by a bunch of dancers, but all eyes were on his him. Wearing a Drake-like varsity jacket, Derulo demonstrated that while he may have missed some time on the road and the stage, he hasn't missed a step since injuring his neck.

The camera panned to his lady love Jordin Sparks in the crowd while he performed and she was beaming with pride, singing the words while flashing an ear-to-ear grin. Can we get an "Aww!?"

If you had any doubts that Derulo could bounce back from such a devastating accident, those very doubts should have been totally quelled tonight. He's back and in fine form. He won't be defeated.

Listen to Jason Derulo, 'Undefeated'