While fans await the arrival of the music video for Jason Derulo's new single 'It Girl,' they can check out behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot, showing the smartly-dressed singer hanging out at an oceanside mansion.

In the clip, director Colin Tilley says he intends to create a photographic-style music video, with colorful, scenic shots as Derulo and his leading lady spend time at a gorgeous Malibu residence overlooking the ocean. Derulo looks dapper in a dark pinstripe suit with a rose-colored button-down shirt and white pants, which he calls "a very, very high-fashion look."

Derulo and the other male crew members take turns explaining what makes someone an 'It Girl' in their eyes. The singer says, "My 'It Girl' has to be somebody who is selfless. I want someone who is constantly thinking about others before she's thinking about herself. I want my girl to have a really big heart."

The footage reveals that Derulo and actress Tika Sumptey share a few smooches on camera. "Our chemistry was great and let's just say his lips are luscious, ladies," Sumptey reports. Assistant director Jamar Hawkins also gets plenty of face time in the footage, as he tries his best to imitate Derulo's dance moves throughout the shoot.

'It Girl' is the latest release from Derulo's second album, 'Future History,' which drops Sept. 27. He performed a portion of the song live last week on 'America's Got Talent.'

Watch Jason Derulo at the 'It Girl' Video Shoot