Remember when Little Mix did that fantastic cover with the help of a choir, perfectly melding Jason Derulo's "Want to Want Me" with Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"? Two modern day classics for the price of one, you know? It was a serious showstopper, and a perfect example of why the world really needs to start paying better attention to the UK girl group.

Sadly, Jason ignored his Twitter mentions and failed to check the cover out immediately, but the good people at Shazam Top 20 implored he take a listen so they could gauge his reaction. There's nothing like being forced to listen to someone doing an interpretation of your work and knowing, in that moment, that you can't really say anything bad about it because of the thousands of people listening in or watching. But thankfully, Jason didn't have to lie!

He starts listening and responding politely, and then Perrie's vocals kick in and Jason's visually impressed. Sadly, they don't play the entire thing for him, but by the end of the intro he says, "I was into that! Now I see why it was going viral. I was looking at my Twitter today and everyone's like 'Have you seen the Little Mix cover?'"

Could a Jason Derulo/Little Mix collaboration soon be in the works? Well, we don't know. But do we want it to happen? Absolutely. If we could will it into existence, we would. Maybe we can. Try it with us, everybody. Cast a spell, that's what Little Mix would do.

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