Jason Derulo is enjoying one of his biggest hits yet with the sax-infused 'Talk Dirty.' It's not a super deep song lyrically, but it does employ an extended metaphor that equates travel with a booty call and sex.

We've dissected the meaning of Derulo's naughty 'Talk Dirty' based on key lyrical passages in this infectious dance jam.

"I'm that flight that you get on, international / First class seat on my lap girl / Riding comfortable / Cause I know what the girl them need / New York to Haiti / I got lipstick stamps on my passport / You make it hard to leave."

Derulo isn't being literal here. It's not about getting busy on a plane or joining the Mile High Club. It's about flying high when you are physically enamored by someone and can't keep your hands to yourself. It's about being so into someone that you'd drop everything and hop a plane to be where they are. It's also about marathon hook up sessions.

"You know the words to my songs / No habla Ingles / Our conversations ain't long / But you know what is."

Words are really secondary and perhaps even tertiary when the carnal takes over. Nothing needs to be said because non-verbal communication has taken over. Why waste time with words? Language can be a barrier.

"Talk dirty to me / Talk dirty to me / Talk dirty to me / Get jazzy on it / What? I don't understand!"

The crux of the song isn't about sexy dirty talk or being all sorts of salacious. It's about learning to use the body and the mind to communicate. Words often fail, but when you connect on a deeper level, words only get in the way and then you don't even pick up what the other is putting down.

There are many languages, spoken by all types of people. But there is only one universal lingo and it's employed by the body.

That's our take on 'Talk Dirty.' What's yours?

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