Jason Derulo performed "Want to Want Me" at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards Sunday night (March 29), but is it really Jason Derulo if he doesn't sing a heavily auto-tuned version of his name in his song 20 times? The answer is yes, because after watching his performance, it's obvious that he doesn't need that gimmick anymore.

You know how everyone thought Chris Brown was the second coming of Michael Jackson for like seven seconds? They were wrong, because Jason Derulo is. Well, okay, no one is, but Jason sure was fun at the show. Not only was he dancing like a madman and hitting those high notes like they were a piñata full of gemstones and gold, but he had the sickest projection onstage. It was this weird, 3D triangle that enveloped him and it looked so real that we almost thought we were in the future.

The point is, we’re stanning for Jason Derulo harder than we ever have before, and if you're wondering why, you should probably check out the video above.

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