Jenna Uskowitz has been with 'Glee' since the beginning, starring as Tina. She smiled her way through her mentoring session on this week's episode of 'The Glee Project,' where the final five contestants offered their heartfelt renderings of Cyndi Lauper's emotional ballad, 'True Colors.'

Ushkowitz gave a cogent piece of advice, telling the remaining five to pull from their personal lives in order to create a character. She also urged them to channel real life feelings, emotions and events into their performance to make it believable. Sing and act what you know, right?

Since Ushkowitz sang the haunting anthem that is 'True Colors' on the show -- she knows a thing or two about this timeless tune, which was big in the '80s. She suggested that the contestants sing the song as though they were performing it for someone that they care about, such as a significant other or a good friend.

After each of the remaining handful sang their part of the song, Ushkowitz was upbeat and positive in her commentary. She was captivated by Alex, found Damian to be dreamy, called out Samuel's spot on intensity, labeled Lindsay a "wonderful actress" and called Hannah "a joyous" and said she put a smile on her face. Ushkowitz must be watching the show each week because she had all of their numbers!

She ultimately chose Hannah as the winner of the homework assignment for her believability. This was her first time winning the homework assignment and it was about time. While this episode turned out to be Hannah's last hurrah, at least an actual 'Glee' cast member showed her the love before she left.