It's been eight weeks and the contestants on 'The Glee Project' are now five strong. In this week's PopCrush recap, we break it down, from the tension and drama to the performances. This week's episode was all about believability, where the remaining singers were required to pull from themselves in order to create a character that is believable and relatable. Unfortunately and shockingly, fan favorite Hannah McIalwain didn't quite cut the believability mustard.

The homework assignment this week was Cyndi Lauper's heartwarming, super emotional ballad 'True Colors,' with 'Glee' star Jenna Ushkowitz, who plays Tina Cohen-Chang, popping by for a little mentor session. She chose Hannah as the winner of the homework assignment, since she expressed joy when she sang and Ushkowitz did recommend that they sing the song as though they were performing it for someone special and Hannah embodied that with her believable rendition, making us think "What gives?" in hindsight.

In order to test their believability, this week's video was created for 'The Only Exception' by Paramore. The singers were required to convey being in love with someone who doesn't know they even exist and this assignment required them to focus on the acting and the singing, not the choreography.

Alex broke down when thinking about his dad's passing, making his rehearsal that much more magical. Lindsay tried to be emotional, but it felt forced.

As the episode progressed, the kids were a little nervous about being examined as actors and the fact lots of the footage would be done as close ups, where subtle acting would be key for them.

The video took place in a library, with Hannah yearning for Alex who was yearning for Damian who was yearning for Lindsay (nice touch writing her name in his notebook!) who was yearning for Samuel, who was yearning for Hannah. The hopefuls did a brilliant job of conveying emotions surrounding the pain and the pinch of unrequited love through facial expressions. It was doubly hard for Hannah though, since she's been crushing on Damian since she got here.

Lindsay's forced emotion and Hannah's distraction brought them to the last chance performance, while Samuel was also required to sing for Ryan Murphy for the first time. Hannah was given 'Back to December' by Taylor Swift. Lindsay got 'Maybe This Time' from the musical 'Cabaret,' while Samuel was required to sing 'Animal' by Neon Trees.

Murphy told Hannah that she is the person that everyone wants to win the show but that she is the weakest of the three singers that had to perform the last chance this time out. Murphy also told her that he wish that she'd be more confident and see what he sees. If that didn't boost her confidence, nothing can or will.

Lindsay gave a torchy rendition of 'Maybe This Time,' which was the right vehicle for her voice. Murphy said she is in the "Lea Michele mode" which is important since he needs a new Lea! However, he said he roots for Lea, but not Lindsay, since she doesn’t have that underdog quality or vulnerability. We think Murphy has her number; Lindsay has programmed herself as perfect. Then she goes and reveals that she was adopted, which forced her to strive harder to not be imperfect. But the show needs the heroine that all imperfect young girls can invest in.

Samuel got to rock out with his dreads out when he soared through 'Animal' by Neon Trees. Murphy said that Samuel is special and rarefied, but he is not an outcast or an underdog. Murphy called him too slick and said he wants something swoon worthy. It was at this point that Samuel also revealed that "I love Jesus Christ."

Ultimately, it must have been the fact that Hannah isn't as strong a singer as Lindsay or Samuel that caused her to be voted off the show this week. It was utterly shocking, since Hannah embodies all those qualities that Murphy wants to write parts for.

Good luck, Hannah. We're still rooting for you.