As if Jennifer Lawrence could get any more badass, the Girl on Fire just had to go and pose naked with a snake for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.

The iconic magazine Instagrammed the jaw-dropping image last night (Feb. 5), and suffice it to say, the world hasn't been the same since. Seriously: J. Law looks absolutely flawless (duh) lying nude on a wooden table as a giant boa constrictor slithers across the length of her body. While the average person would probably be a little freaked from a) posing naked and b) having a lethal reptile crawling on her body, this is Katniss freaking Everdeen we're talking about -- of course Jennifer Lawrence is throwing her fiercest look to the camera. And that sparkling bracelet on her arm? Girl, please. She could not possibly own this picture any more.

For fans eager to learn more about the photo -- and the spotlight on the 'Hunger Games' actress -- be sure to pick up a copy of the March 2015 issue of Vanity Fair. Do it.

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