There’s no easy way to break this news, PopCrushers. Beloved costar couple Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have reportedly split.

The adorable couple found themselves too busy with their separate careers to maintain the relationship, an insider told E! News, adding that the separation “was very amicable.”

The source said: “They spent a lot of time apart because of work, and it was difficult on their relationship."

This isn’t the first time JLaw has had to heal a post-Hoult broken heart. The pair split for a few months in 2013 before reuniting last August.

In May of this year, the actress openly admitted to Marie Claire that it was difficult dating a fellow star when they’re both juggling demanding schedules.

“It’s hard when you’re both working,” she shared. “It’s important to keep your individuality when you’re a couple and keep your own life … Life’s super-busy. Obviously you know what they’re doing, and you trust them.”

We’re sorry to hear that it didn’t work out. Best of luck, Jennifer and Nicholas!