There's a reason Jennifer Lawrence has an Academy Award under her belt, and that's because, love her or hate her, the girl can act. But sometimes your gift can become your downfall, which J-Law may have learned the hard way a few years ago when she was cast as a model for an Abercrombie & Fitch ad shoot of all things.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show this past week, Jennifer shared a story with the British interviewer in which she almost ruined her fashion shoot with the American clothing company a few years ago by, well, getting a bit too much into the role.

On set at the beach, Jennifer and the other models were asked to act natural and throw a football around as though they were just hanging out at the shore. Of course, Jen took this as an opportunity to flex her chops as a thespian, and made "playing football" an absolute and serious priority, aggressive competitiveness and all.

"All the other models are like, playing football in a pretty way, but not me,” she shared during the hilarious chat. "In all of the photos, I’ve got a red face, covered in sweat, my nostrils are flaring... At one point a girl yelled, 'Get her away from me!'"

The photos, understandably, never saw the light of day. "My pictures never came out," she explained. "I did the whole campaign and the pictures never came out, and I didn’t know why. My agent wrote and asked why... and they literally only responded with the photos!"

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