Jennifer Lopez is getting ready to hit the road with Enrique Iglesias on her first world tour. She may be hitting the road and leaving one of her high-profile gigs, too! Her tenure as a warm and maternal 'American Idol' judge may see its days numbered.

During a chat on 'TODAY' (quotes via Hollywood Life) this morning (July 12), La Lopez said, "It’s a huge decision, but I have to say there are so many things I do that I put on hold for that. It’s a heartbreaking decision if I have to go.”

Lopez's future with the show remains up in the air, and it's likely entirely in her hands. The producers want her back, but she has hemmed and hawed about the time commitment and the daily grind that comes along with being on the show. Rumors have been flying about Katy Perry (not interested) and Charlie Sheen (interested), as well a slew of other famous names, joining a new-look judges panel.

When TODAY's Natalie Morales mentioned that it sounded like Lopez, 42, made up her mind, she replied, "Little by little I’m making up my mind. I love everybody, I love the guys, but I am thinking it’s time for me to go and do other things I love to do like films and journeys."

That sounds definitive, but it's not. J. Lo then said, "But I’m torn — it’s a tough decision."

Relax, 'Idol' fans who love the infusion of life and light that Lopez injected into the show. She pulled this same thing last year, often speaking in the press about her desire to stay and go, and being torn about her future. She eventually resigned for another year, so there is some hope.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Is J. Lo on her way out or on her way to a third season as an 'Idol' judge? We're so used to her calling all the contestants "baby" in her sweet way!

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