Jennifer Lopez’s new music video for her latest single ‘First Love’ proves that the experienced singer has still got the moves, the voice and the body.

The black-and-white video is, to put it simply, super sexy. The 44-year-old star shows off all of her curves in a series of seductive, form-fitting bodysuits and dresses. She gets down and dirty with her video’s love interest, rolling around on the dessert floor, grinding against a stone wall and generally just looking amazing.

Her hunky beau gets his own moments to shine, showing off his muscles under a streaming faucet of water and lugging around an oversized tire while shirtless. We’re not sure what those scenes represent, but we’re not complaining.

When the singer was asked by Entertainment Tonight about the meaning behind the song, she explained, “The truth is it really is just about a feeling. It’s a feeling — the feeling of falling, of falling in love, the feeling of you’ve found the one, or that this person that you’re with, you wish you would’ve met them years ago.”

What do you think, PopCrushers? Did J. Lo capture the feeling of first love in ‘First Love’?