So much booty, so little time.

But fortunately for all of the booty-obsessed people out there (we're looking at you, Nicki Minaj), Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea manage to cram the maximum amount of booty into their sizzling hot new music vid for -- you guessed it! -- 'Booty.'

Thanks to this 30-second preview (not to mention the sexy song's title and lyrics), we already knew that the well-endowed pop stars were going to bring us a steamy, twerking-filled vid -- and let's just say they definitely delivered.

The 'Booty' vid is filled with close-up after close-up of Lopez and Azalea's barely-covered derrieres, shaking and shimmying for the world to see. There is certainly a whole lot of booty in this video -- but it's done in a sultry, sexy and even impressive way: It takes some serious skill to be able to isolate one part of your body like that while dancing! And the ladies look absolutely stunning, glistening with a sun-kissed glow and looking hotter than ever. Work!

Check out Jennifer Lopez's 'Booty' video featuring Iggy Azalea above.

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