Jennifer Lopez is "feeling lucky like a four-leaf clover" on 'I'm Into You,' a song featuring Lil Wayne that will serve as the second single from her next album 'Love?'

We reported the rumored team-up a few weeks ago, and now the song is available online for all to hear. Weezy opens the Stargate-produced track with a cosmic verse:

"Hi, I’m Tune, the man on the moon / I live on the beach, get the sand out your shoes / And all of that change since I met you / So we can leave that old sh-- in the restroom / Okay now I’m into you, like you never knew / I’m falling for you baby, I need a parachute."

The American Idol judge sings about being unable to resist a persistent suitor, despite her best efforts: "You got me and I could not defend it / I tried but I had to surrender / Your star got me under the spell now / Left me no other choice but to get down."

The song is stuffed with catchy elements, from the "na na nanana" vocal interludes to the repeated "Hey!" group shouts that have become commonplace in hip hop choruses.

'Love?' has been pushed back to a May 3 release. Its lead single, 'On the Floor' featuring Pitbull, was J. Lo's first Top 10 hit in eight years.

Listen to Jennifer Lopez, 'I'm Into You' Feat. Lil Wayne