Jennifer Lopez called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show to promote her new line of apparel, accessories and home goods at Kohl's, and to check in and reveal how 'American Idol' Season 11 auditions are going. J Lo spilled that she already had her first battle with her fellow judges during the process. As the host of 'Idol,' Seacrest was there and said he thought he could see Lopez's blood boiling over the disagreement.

"I think it's going really great," she said. "After having such great talent and great season, now everything is compared. It has to be better than that. Me, Randy [Jackson] and Steven [Tyler] got into our first fight already."

Already? It's the earliest phases of the audition process! It's too early to go mano y mano. Lopez revealed, "I got really upset. There was a girl who came in and sang. She was amazing. Amazing. Steven, as he will do during auditions, asked for another song. I was ready to vote, and was like, 'Ah, come on!' The days get kinda long. Ugh! So she sings again." Tyler was not moved and nixed her, causing Lopez to ask, "You're kidding, right?" Turns out, Randy said no, too, prompting Lopez to exclaim, "Are you guys crazy? I thought I was being punk'd. How can we let this girl go?"

Lopez admitted, "I was upset. When I believe in something… I knew she deserved a chance and I felt so mad that she wasn't going to get it." You could actually Lopez's anger escalate just recalling the incident.

As for her Kohl's line, she explained that she was working on the project for two years and you can "see" Lopez in the products because she wanted it to reflect her personal taste. She said, "I put it into one collection the way I always envisioned it and to have a partner like Kohl's helps me put it together. We wanted to make it available to everybody. The stuff looks great. I really like it. The bedding is great and I have it on my bed right now. Everything is a reflection of my style and how I do things and wear things."

Lopez pointed out that she loves both casual and glamour, and the collection is a mix of both, designed for working women who have kids and want to look great.

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