Just a week after they shimmied together in the magic that was 'Tight Pants,' Jennifer Lopez is once again dancing with Jimmy Fallon -- and let's face it: she kind of owed him after that whole dance diss debacle. (Well, she owed Jennifer Lawrence.)

As if we could forget, Jennifer Lawrence famously came on 'The Tonight Show' and revealed that she and Jimmy Fallon had choreographed a whole routine to get Jennifer Lopez to dance with them -- but the 'Tonight Show' host backed out at the last second, leaving the 'Hunger Games' star to ask J. Lo to dance on her own … and the 'First Love' singer declined. Yikes! Of course, J. Lo cleared the whole thing up, telling Fallon that she actually thought that Lawrence wanted to go out on the dance floor while she just wanted to shake it where she was already.

But as Jimmy Fallon explained, he always "follows through," and asked Lopez to dance with him right then and there.

"Jennifer Lawrence!" Fallon yelled while looking into the camera, as he led J. Lo out onto the dance floor. "Hope you're watching!"

We hoped she was watching too, as the two tangoed together -- J. Lo rocking a very Marilyn Monroe-esque dress, and Jimmy Fallon holding a rose between his teeth -- until the dance became much more about Fallon, shimmying by himself in front of the camera as Lopez slowly backed away, pretending to be annoyed. LOL!

Check out their hilarious tango in the video above.

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