Happy birthday, Jennifer Lopez! The Bronx born beauty turns 43 today -- can you believe it?! For more than two decades, the woman known as J. Lo has made huge strides in the entertainment industry. From recording platinum records and dance hits to starring in major films like 1997's biopic 'Selena,' it seems that nothing, including age, will ever stop Jennifer Lopez. In celebration of Jennifer Lopez's day of birth, PopCrush is counting down 10 things you might not have known about the stunning triple threat.

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    Some of her favorite artists include singers/dancers like herself.

    In an interview with Time magazine, Lopez said, "I love a good lyricist -- always have. The thing that inspired me most was the different performers, like Tina Turner, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, even Janet Jackson. I always loved the idea of mixing music and dance."

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    Lopez is a huge fan of romantic comedies.

    As her filmography suggests, Jennifer Lopez loves a good rom-com. J. Lo told Redbook, "I've always loved 'When Harry Met Sally,' because it really shows men and women and how they are when it comes to relationships. I also love 'Prelude to a Kiss,' because it's about someone being in love with not the shell of the woman but her soul, and that's what I always wanted — someone to love me for my soul, for me as I really am."

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    J. Lo loves a good practical joke.

    While appearing as a guest on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show,' Lopez pulled a hidden camera prank on two hopeful assistants. Wearing an earpiece and being forced to repeat anything Degeneres said back to her, Lopez put on an over-the-top diva act, asking the interviewees things like ""Is my beauty distracting? Some people are distracted by my beauty" and "What's one of your favorite songs of mine? ... I'm sure you know 'Jenny From the Block.'"

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    She does a mean Rihanna impersonation.

    While hosting 'SNL' a few years back, J. Lo did a spot-on impression of the Barbadian songstress in a 'We Are the World' parody. Wearing a RiRi inspired outfit circa her 'Rated R' days, Lopez adds some island-sounding "eh" noises after each verse she sings a la Rihanna's hit 'Hard.' Check out the funny video of her Rihanna impression by clicking here.

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    Lopez has had some interesting nicknames in the past.

    Before she was dubbed J. Lo and Jenny from the Block, Lopez had some other creative nicknames. Lopez was dubbed 'The Supernova' by her admiring childhood friends in the Bronx. She also used to be called 'La Guitarra' because her curvy figure reminded people of the shape of a guitar.

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    J. Lo stays beautiful by avoiding booze and cigarettes.

    Although she is also very active and has a team of stylists behind her, one of the ways the 42-year-old singer/actress stays so young is by avoiding alcohol and cigarettes. According to PEOPLE, Lopez spoke of these vices, saying, "I think that ruins your skin. Of course, during celebratory toasts, everybody's like, 'You can't toast with water!' So I'll toast with alcohol and just take a sip."

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    Within a few weeks, she fell twice on national television.

    OK, so maybe only one of the falls was actually serious. While performing at the 2009 American Music Awards, Lopez attempted to do a high jump during her 'Louboutins' performance. Things didn't go according to plan, and she fell flat on her bum. Although she recovered quickly, Lopez couldn't help but poke fun at herself when she appeared on 'Ellen' later that year.

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    Lopez was a backup dancer for Janet Jackson and NKOTB.

    After establishing herself as a great dancer on 'In Living Color,' Lopez was scooped up by Janet Jackson and NKOTB. She performed on tours for both Janet and the '90s boy band, and she even appeared in Jackson's video for ultra-smooth jam 'That's the Way Love Goes.' See her cameo appearance here!

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    She was considering a career in law before she started dancing.

    Before she fell in love with entertaining, Lopez actually considered becoming a lawyer! "I had worked in a law office, but I was already dancing so I was already kind of falling in love with that very much. So it was kind of like the practical side of like your mom and everybody saying you should become a lawyer and you should do this and you should have that career and me in my mind saying no that's not what I want," she explained in an Access Hollywood interview.

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    Before she was a Fly Girl, J. Lo danced all up on MC Hammer.

    It is a well known fact that J. Lo hit it big as a dancer on the sketch comedy series 'In Living Color,' but she was dancing on TV long before she landed that gig. The New Yorker danced on 'Yo! MTV Raps' back in 1989, winding and grinding in a promotional video for a then unknown MC Hammer. Watch the video of her grooving next to the 'U Can't Touch This' rapper by clicking here.