As one of late night’s leading hosts, Jimmy Kimmel has access to a slew of celebrities, all of which have built-in fan bases eager and willing to tune in with rapt attention to the latest project they’re promoting. As such, Kimmel called in a favor from several of those famous friends to participate in a special episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! meant to help fight against AIDS.

Kimmel joined forced with Bono’s (RED) campaign for the second year in a row, in an attempt to raise awareness and money to help combat AIDS. In last night's episode (November 22), Channing Tatum, Halsey, Kristen Bell, DJ Khaled, Julia Roberts, Neil Patrick Harris and the Killers came together to sing the Brandon Flowers-penned "We're Going to Hell."

As for the song's most incendiary line -- "If we don't help people with AIDS / we're going to hell" -- Kimmel says he wrote it himself, according to Billboard.

"I wrote that line," Kimmel noted. "But that's true - if you don't help people with AIDS you are going to hell, and that seems like a good enough reason to help alone. I mean, just think of yourselves."

Bono -- who appears in the video toward the end as his '90s U2 tour character MacPhisto -- expanded on his continued efforts to combat AIDS in an interview with The Associated Press.

"It is a battle now for funding. It's just a street battle, pitch battle, and we have to keep this stuff in the news or literally those people don't get the drugs. It's that simple," Bono said via Billboard. "We have to just remind people that America has led the war on this tiny little virus and is winning the war, but it is unthinkable, but it is possible, that if we stall on funding then we start to undo all this good work."

Check out Jimmy Kimmel & Co. sing "We're Going to Hell" above.

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