In the era of "alternative facts," Jimmy Kimmel may have just landed one of the most deliciously ridiculous lies on television yet. (Well, at least this one is fun to watch, anyway.)

During his February 1 edition of "Lie Witness News"—the Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment in which his team performs topical man-on-the-street interviews with a typically uninformed, gullible general public—Kimmel convinced participants that Donald Trump had nominated Rob Kardashian to the Supreme Court... and many of them totally bought it. Yikes.

"Today we asked people what they thought about Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Rob Kardashian to the Supreme Court," the late night TV host told the audience before rolling the clip.

"Seven people in a row believed it, okay? So, with that said, I am both proud and deeply ashamed to present what could very well be our most shocking edition of 'Lie Witness News' yet," Kimmel added.

And while peoples' reactions to the "news" ran the gamut from optimistically excited to understandably peeved (one Trump supporter insisted a reality TV star should have no place in politics...), our favorite would have to be the gentleman who, based on Kardashian's relationship with Blac Chyna, the model/television personality, deduced that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star could certainly improve our relations with China, the East Asian country.

"He's a people person and he’ll keep the people’s interest at heart..." the man mused, adding, "I must say it can’t hurt. It can help [with China]. It’s just an open door for communication. Communication is important!"

Watch, below:

In the exasperated words of Kimmel at the end of the clip: "God bless America."

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