It's a foregone conclusion that Justin Bieber can do no wrong in the eyes of Beliebers.

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to test the validity of the theory for his 'Lie Witness News' segment on his show. So he sent a crew to the singer's two-night gig at the Staples Center to prove the blind, Stepford-like devotion that Beliebers have for him.

Turns out that Beliebers will defend him at every turn and make excuses for any sort of outrageous (and, in this case, fabricated) behavior. If they believe that it's okay for him to have his Bentley's tires made out of baby seals and to park in handicapped spots, then they likely think his spitting escapades and vehicular antics are totally okay, too.

When asked the fact that The Biebs' schedule means that he is too busy to learn to read is acceptable, one fan says, "He is perfect the way he is." They say he didn't mean it when he peed on the American flag and that circumstances dictated the need to punch his grandma in the gut.

Oh, and according to one Belieber, "whatever tattoo he gets is perfect on him."

Of course these were all made up scenarios designed to get reactions out of Beliebers. The reactions were consistent -- The Biebs can do no wrong... Ever.