Musician Joanna Newsom, the lovely wife of comedic actor Andy Samberg, brought Southern belle, bridesmaid-style chic to the 2014 Golden Globes.

The frilly, fussy dress was rosy in shade, but it felt a bit dated and too frilly for the Globes. Perhaps Newsom wanted to stand out from the belted, tailored trend of the ceremony -- and that's totally her prerogative. If that's the case, we'd applaud her for choosing to stand out and march to the beat of her own fashion drummer. But it felt like an update to something Scarlett O'Hara might have worn.

The best accessory was her adorable hubby. Here, you can see all the layers and ruffles. It was just a bit too much to be stylish in 2014. We love her deep part and one-shoulder waves, though! That's us, accentuating the positive.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images