Jodie Foster thinks that the dominance of superhero films is a "phase that's lasted a little too long."

The Oscar-winning actress explained that she is a fan of some movies in the superhero genre but does not consider any of them to be life-changing.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Jodie said: "It's a phase. It's a phase that's lasted a little too long for me, but it's a phase, and I've seen so many different phases.

"Hopefully people will be sick of it soon. The good ones – like Iron Man, Black Panther, The Matrix – I marvel at those movies, and I'm swept up in the entertainment of it, but that's not why I became an actor.

"And those movies don't change my life. Hopefully there'll be room for everything else."

However, one picture that has had a lasting impact on Jodie was Everything Everywhere All at Once – the flick directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert that won seven Academy Awards earlier this year.

The 61-year-old star said: "The Daniels. They made my favorite movie perhaps of all time, Everything Everywhere All at Once. That's the film that I will return to over and over again whenever I feel depressed or sad."

Jodie, who raises her sons Charles, 24, and Kit, 22, with her former partner Cydney Bernard, recalled how she bonded with her offspring after watching the acclaimed movie.

The Silence of the Lambs actress said: "I first saw it with one of my sons, and we held hands and pinched each other and cried for 45 minutes afterward.

"And then I saw it with my other son a week later, and it just opened a portal of connection and understanding and hope. He started telling me everything from his high school that he'd never told me, and we were walking in the rain crying and opening up. And I was like, 'This is what a film can do.'"

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