Get excited! John Mayer announced that his new album 'Paradise Valley' will hit stores on Aug. 13!

The singer-songwriter is making his triumphant return with his sixth studio album, which will feature the song that may or may not be about Taylor Swift, 'Paper Doll.'

The album artwork looks like it was possibly shot in Mayer's adopted home state of Montana under a totally open sky in a barren field. Also, is that his dog? So cute!

Back in May, John took to Tumblr to post how excited he was for this upcoming work saying, "I have that hunger that always precedes something meaningful." Based on what we've heard so far, we're getting really amped for this new LP!

Taylor Swift songs or not, this album should prove to be a step in a different direction for Mayer. He described his new sound to Billboard last month as, "open, acid country." Alrighty, John. We're listening!

We're sure fans will be treated to some new Mayer tunes when he sets out on his Born & Raised tour with Phillip Phillips. Honestly, we could have not assembled a more perfect lineup if we tried. So fans, ready your ears to be serenaded by John Mayer's new music this summer!