Stan Twitter: it's not just for random teens hiding behind avatars of their faves anymore! Your favorite #hotcelebs are getting in on the action now, too.

During the wee hours last night — which was actually today (Jan. 11) — John Mayer, of "Your Body Is A Wonderland" fame, made a joke about splitting dessert, and then added "1/25" at the end as a joke to suggest 24 more tweets to come on the matter. He quickly realized he did not have 24 more tweets about splitting dessert to make, so instead, he moved onto a more pressing matter: his love for Fifth Harmony.

After retweeting a #BeThe5thChallenge tweet — a joke about trying to replace the recently self-removed Camila Cabello — a Harmonizer then jokingly "came" for John for retweeting Fifth Harmony news. And that is when he went in.

"Numbers don’t lie, bitch - also Fifth Harmony is a talented group of young ladies," he retorted.

He then revealed he's also one of Lauren Jauregui's Chickens like the rest of us (Lauren fans call themselves Chickens — I SWEAR): "Lauren feels like the next to be a star."

And then, it really went there.

After one fan began quoting (criminally underrated) 7/27 Napster bonus track "Voicemail" — "Keep going," he encouraged — he finished the song lyrics himself and admitted that he loves the song.

"-you should probably lose. Yes! I love that song. Those are some talented girls! Goodbye loser! You’ll always suck at math!! 25/25" he concluded. Yes, that is John Mayer quoting a Fifth Harmony bonus track.

Hours later, Fifth Harmony playfully jabbed the Continuum singer-songwriter-turned-stan account with a #BeThe5thChallenge tweet with a photo of him.

"I wrote a tweet last night, put 1/25 as a joke, and then it became a creative writing challenge. Thanks for being good sports. ❤ - no. 6" he wrote back.

Truly an incredible development within the Harmonizer community: here's hoping the girls eventually return his call(s).

In the meantime, John, please go to bed.

See Mayer's full Twitter spiral into madness below, and also listen to "Voicemail," because it's great.

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