John Mayer seems to be putting his bad boy days behind him in his new 'Shadow Days' video -- way far behind him, in fact. The native East Coaster heads west on a solo trip where he seems to find himself, and relish in, getting back to basics.

The video opens with Mayer pumping gas and looking out towards the endless road in front of him. His long mane is often covered by a floppy hat, and he serenades the viewer whilst driving and, you know, just hangin' out on dirt roads with his guitar.

Mayer's in Idaho in the video, hitting the Boise city limits and singing in the snow. He seems to be embracing the simplicity of the locals, staying in a modest hotel, eating in a diner and working on his own car. He buys a new guitar in a mom-and-pop shop and starts jamming out with the employees.

Mayer then makes his way to Arizona, where he does more of the same -- just in the desert. When he sings about being "a good man / With a good heart," it's a pretty warm sentiment when combined with the everyman images of the video. Well played, Mayer. Well played.

Watch the John Mayer 'Shadow Days' Video