JoJo really brings the pipes in her search for her 'Guardian Angel.' In this leaked track, the poor girl just can't seem to find what she's looking for -- and it's really starting to get to her.

"I remember it like it was yesterday / We were just rebels on the run," Jo sings, reminiscing about good days with the unnamed person and revealing that they were a trouble-making Bonnie & Clyde when they were together. She adds in later that she feels somewhat abandoned by the person, who we assume is a guy, when she says, "Left me stranded, searching for your love."

But it's the chorus that really gives us the chills, because it opens our eyes to the fact that, wow, the guy she's so anxious to find is actually dead. "My guardian angel / Oh help me out / Where can you be, please come back to me / I need my guardian angel / Oh, why'd you go / I won't be in peace till you come back to me / Everybody needs a guardian angel," JoJo sings powerfully.

By the end of the track, it's clear that the 20-year-old soul is doomed when she decides she can't take the weather. What a bummer!

This heartfelt track follows JoJo's upbeat single, ‘The Other Chick' and her featured work on the Clinton Sparks track, 'Sucks to Be You' -- both of which we gave 3 stars. It looks like 'Guardian Angel' might just follow in their footsteps. For what it's worth, we love when an artist gets emotional, but not at the expense of quality lyrics. Maybe next time, Jo.

'Guardian Angel' is from JoJo's forthcoming fall 2011 album, 'Jumping Trains.'


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