This semester, Jonathan Groff will make yet another appearance on 'Glee' as Jesse St. James -- Rachel's ex love interest. Lea Michele, Rachel's real-life alter-ego, couldn't contain herself when she heard the news and shared it with her many Twitter fans on Wednesday.

"#Jesseisback! So happy to have my best friend in the world Jonathan Groff back on #glee this year! Makes me the happiest girl in the world!" she said, clearly giddy to have her real life buddy back on the FOX set with her.

Groff made a hefty handful of appearances in Season 1, but only returned in Season 2 to be shut down by Rachel as the episodes drew to a close. He'll return for Season 3, but no word yet on what his character will be doing -- other than causing a rift with Finn and Rachel, we're sure.

While she was feeling Twitter happy, Lea Michele also dropped some big news about what's to come when 'Glee' returns next Tuesday, Nov. 1. "We're shooting 3 musical numbers today! First up @DarrenCriss and @chriscolfer. Finishing up episode 7 this week..very shocking episode : )," she dished. We can't wait to see what Ryan Murphy has up his sleeve this time!