We have a confession to make... we are kind of obsessed with how great Jordin Sparks looks. Yes, she is as cute as a button, but she also has a smokin' body that is purely due to hard work and dedication.

The 'American Idol' winner was on hand at a Words With Friends event on Wednesday (May 8) and talked about how exactly she's sculpted her hot new body with the Daily News. She gave a pretty in-depth look at her workout routine, which consists of "StairMaster for 15 minutes, love that thing - kicks my butt, literally. Then I do arms. I do three sets of 12 reps with 10- to 12-pound weights. Bicep curls, butterflies and then overhead. I incorporate lunges and then come back to the arms. Then I do handstands. Then I use a resistance band and walk, and it works the thighs." Get it girl! No wonder her body looks so darn hot.

Sparks also works on toning her arms with the help of her boyfriend, Jason Derulo's patented "hollaback move." She explains, "You get on your hands and do a pose in the air. He's been teaching me how to do it, so I've been on my hands doing headstands in the gym. It's so fun to change it up and do something different." Apparently, Derulo was showing off his best "hollaback" to the 'Dancing With the Stars' audience, when he stopped by the show to perform 'The Otherside' whilst standing on his head!

The songstress debuted a super cute new wavy hairdo at the event complete with blunt bangs. We are loving her new look and Jordin seems to be enjoying her new 'do because she is workin' it! After all, being sexy is all about having the confidence, as Sparks shows us quite often...

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