Jason Derulo danced while standing on his head tonight (May 7) on 'Dancing With the Stars.' Literally.

The singer, who suffered a broken neck in rehearsals for a tour back in early 2012, was sidelined by the injury, but was clearly back in full dancing form as he spun on his head, breakdance style. He performed a variety of acrobatic moves. Color us impressed.

He's got better dancefloor skills than Chris Brown. Sorry, Breezy.

Derulo also teleported from the stage to the middle of the crowd by going through a "magical door."

Judging from this perf, Derulo is fully healed. He may have taken a year to heal, but he didn't miss a beat. Check out the behind-the-scenes rehearsals below, which includes 8 hour-a-day practice sessions. Clearly, his performance paid off!