Lady Gaga received rave reviews for her Sound of Music medley at the 2015 Oscars, but what did Julie Andrews, whose portrayal of Maria is iconic, think? As it turns out, the actress couldn't say kinder things about Gaga!

"She called me about 10 days before and she said, 'I just want to talk to you and make sure I don't offend. That what I'm doing is okay with you,'" Julie told People. "It was very generous of her."

The actress is famous for her impressive vocal range and is rumored to have perfect pitch. It's daunting for anyone to cover her music, but Lady Gaga was up to the challenge.

"She said she'd been working so hard and she was singing everything in my keys," Julie said, adding, "I said, 'Why? They're very high, even for me.' And she said, 'Because I wanted to honor you, so I did them in your keys.' That seemed like going one step beyond any place she needed to go."

And when Gaga finally did perform, she exceeded all expectations.

"She hit it out of the ballpark," Julie said. "And then she was gracious enough to hand it to me. So that's a really wonderful thing to do, too, I think. As they say in Hollywood jargon, 'She rates tall in my book.'"

Julie isn't the only iconic singer to be a fan of Gaga: Mother Monster's Cheek to Cheek collaborator Tony Bennett is close with the "Born This Way" singer. So close, in fact, that he'll be singing at her upcoming wedding to Taylor Kinney!

“They invited me to do it and, of course, I will," Tony told the New York Post, refusing to reveal any details about the nuptials other than "... knowing Lady Gaga, it will be fabulous."

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