Justin Bieber placed a call to 911 upon being chased by five paparazzi on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles on Friday, July 6.  The audio is now available for your listening, uh, pleasure. The Biebs was traveling south in his chromed Fisker Karma with the paps in hot pursuit when he called for help.

He says he does not know the people following him and doesn't make it clear that he is a celeb and that's why they are tailing him. "I have like five cars following me… They're driving really reckless," The Biebs said. "They will not stop following me."

He says that his last name is "Johnson," and the 911 operator seems to not know that a Fisker is a tricked out, electric car, as she asks him to repeat the description, asking, "What kind of car is that?" To which he replies, "Uh, a Fisker."

The 'Boyfriend' singer is calm, detailing the Toyotas and Hondas tailing him. He even said that he was trying to go fast "to lose these people" and while he was ticketed, the cops instructed him to call 911 if they persisted.

The Biebs was doing 80 mph and was cited for speeding, with L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine calling the cops on the teen in the first place, saying he was driving like a maniac and should be stripped of his driving privileges.

Bieber also said, “When I tried to explain it to the police officers, they were just being not nice about it. He let all the paparazzi around my vehicle when he was giving me the citation."

The singer admits he is new to Los Angeles when giving spotty information about his location. The call lasts for over 10 minutes.

The teen later filed a complaint against the paps for harassing him.

Listen to Justin Bieber's 911 Call