And the hits keep on coming…literally. Justin Bieber has been accused of assaulting an Argentine photographer while on tour in Latin America.

The snapper's lawyers claim that The Biebs and his security detail attacked him while he was trying to take pictures of the teen.

Sounds like an occupational hazard to us. Just sayin'. Remember, earlier this year a pap in L.A. was killed trying to obtain pics of the singer. That was not The Biebs' fault, but it still reflected on him.

Assault is not the extent of the charges, either. The photographer is also accusing Team Bieber of robbery. The lawyers filed paperwork with Interpol and are looking for The Biebs to be arrested, according to WENN.

Poor Biebs. Allegations of graffiti, more graffiti, making negative comments and a video of him sleeping, which spurred rumors of him being with a hooker or a porn star, marred his international touring itinerary in recent months.

He also posted a photo of himself offering up a two-hand salute to the haters. Yep, he flashed the bird.

Let's remember that The Biebs spent some time visiting with the people of the Philippines who were affected by a typhoon. No, it's not as juicy as possibly assaulting a pap, but it's important to note.