Justin Bieber is slowing things down during his European live performances with an acoustic show featuring familiar songs and a few new tracks. Today, Bieber tweeted a link to an 8-minute video of acoustic highlights from a recent appearance.

The spliced-together footage shows Bieber coming out to greet his fans, who raised their cameras in unison to capture the moment. Then he sat down to sing with only an acoustic guitarist at his side. The clip begins with 'Die in Your Arms' and 'All Around the World,' both new tracks from Bieber's 'Believe' album, which hits stores on June 15. The latter sounded like a ready-made anthem for Bieber's next world tour DVD.

Next was 'As Long As You Love Me' — not the Backstreet Boys song, but a new 'Believe' track that features Big Sean on the album version. "We could be homeless, we could be broke, as long as you love me," he crooned. Then it was back to the 'My World 2.0' hit 'U Smile,' which sounded a lot different now that Bieber's voice has deepened.

The video ends with Bieber rapping and singing on 'Boyfriend,' his latest Top 10 hit. If he can command the crowd's attention during an acoustic set like this, we can only imagine what will happen with a full band and more elaborate staging and lighting on the Believe Tour, which kicks off in September.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform an Acoustic Set