'All Around the World,' a brand new song but not the next single from Justin Bieber's 'Believe,' has landed on iTunes. It features rapper Ludacris dropping rhymes mid-song, too. Overall, this is the clubbiest the Biebs has ever sounded, thanks to the processed vocals, the shout out he gives the DJ, and the heavily Auto-tuned choruses.

If you told us this song was penned for Britney Spears for her last album 'Femme Fatale,' we'd 'Believe' it, because the computerized style and the thick vocal effects remind us of recent Brit Brit material. It's safe to say that 'All Around the World' is a club banger. And while we love Bieber, it's not our favorite song on 'Believe' so far.

When he sings, "You're beautiful / Beautiful / You should know it / I think it's time that you show it," we were reminded of the One Direction smash for a hot minute. Those lyrics indicative of this song's positive lyrical message. It's all love, one love.

Vocally, the Biebs is still breathy, offering up the sexy voice he demonstrated on 'Boyfriend,' but that falsetto (in 3,2)? It's not here. At all.

Bieber definitely brings the swag, and he wants people on the floor, busting swaggy moves to this song, which is the result of lots of knob-twiddling wizardry and a couple of MAC Book Pros. Organic, it's not. But it's a new year, a new album and a new Biebs. It's a synthy studio creation.

Ludacris lends his raps at the 2:30 mark, shouting out JB and saying the Dynamic Duo is back in the hizzy.
He does toss off a poignant lyric that Beliebers can sing over and over again: "Hate may win some battles / But love wins in the end." The Biebs echoes the sentiment in the chorus, singing, "All around the world / People want to be loved."

So if you hear this on the dance floor and you are not with the one you love, love the one you're with and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'All Around the World' Feat. Ludacris