This week's #MusicMondays song from Justin Bieber is 'All Bad,' a slow and steady, ruminative R&B jam that sounds like something Drake might record.

The song is comprised of an echo-y, melancholy and hushed beat that undulates below The Biebs' voice, as he sings about things like instigators and people running their mouths. It's another heart-on-the-sleeve-and-in-the-song track.

As we've said each week, the #MusicMondays songs feel like journals or notes inspired by his breakup with Selena Gomez, since heartbreak and a romance gone wrong are the connective tissue of each track. The songs are therapy for The Biebs, and the Beliebers are the winners, since they are the recipients of heartfelt material. A song like 'All Bad' is the bridge from 'Believe' to what he does next.

While it might be easy to think this, 'All Bad' isn't addressing the haters who tend to focus on The Biebs' irresponsible driving or his relationships with Lil Twist, as opposed to the fact that he visits sick kids at almost every tour stop.

It's him pleading with "her" to realize that he may make mistakes and he may eff up and make her mad, but he's not all bad.

Does that really need to be said? No one is perfect. But The Biebs is coming to terms with his mortality and the fact that when you strip away his insane level of fame, he is still just a guy who is subject to the whims of a girl. He discovers this in the space of his song.

It's a sad tune, one that makes us want to put our arm around The Biebs and give him a bear hug.

As is customary for #MusicMondays, he shared the meaning behind the song. This one was VERY short.

"I promise...I ain't all bad :) -JB."

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'All Bad'