Justin Bieber axed one of his two gigs in Portugal reportedly due to low ticket sales, further sparking rumors that he's about to go off the deep end and is having issues. His manager Scooter Braun shot those stories down, chalking it up to logistical issues with load outs and the unions, since the show was sold out. Now, we've found out how he spent his free time when he should've been performing in Portugal – hanging out in Amsterdam.

Now, we know what you're thinking. Amsterdam is the pot capital of the world, where people can smoke blunts as freely as they wish, in open public. But somehow, we don't think that's why the troubled teen hit up the Dutch capital.

So what did the Biebs do? He went to De Melkweg (translation: Milky Way), which is a music venue, and Chipsy King, a coolly named eatery. The owner said that the Biebs is the most famous person to ever step foot in the establishment. Now all Beliebers on holiday in Europe with their parents must make a pilgrimage to Chipsy King.

The Biebs was able to navigate the store in relatively anonymous fashion.

"Justin seemed to be amused or comforted by the fact that the employee didn't know him at first and wasn't jumping all over him and treated him like a regular customer," the owner told E!. "The employee thought he had beautiful eyes and he knew he recognized him from somewhere, but he didn't know until a Dutch film crew told him that was Justin Bieber."

We're glad the singer noshed on chips instead of, say, inhaling a blunt.

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