Despite loud protests from Justin Bieber's camp over the late paparazzo's accustations, photos of the singer holding a blunt have surfaced.

Is he smoking pot? Well, we don't know for suuuure, but where there's (weed) smoke, there's usually fire. Or a hazy cloud.

TMZ posted photos of the grey hoodie-wearing singer from Jan. 2, where he is holding a blunt in his hand at a Newport Beach hotel party. The snaps were taken a day after paparazzo Chris Guerra was killed while chasing the Ferrari and trying to get a photo, thinking Bieber was inside, but he wasn't. Bieber's peeps were adamant that Guerra's claims (that he saw the teen toke up) were fabrications.

Then there were the rumors that on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez broke up with Biebs because he was smoking pot. She refused to acknowledge or answer those claims when hounded at LAX.

But these photos… oh these photos. They seem to tell a different story, one vastly at odds with the company line that Bieber's team fed the press in opposition to Guerra's claims. In one photo, he looks to be exhaling smoke from his mouth while holding the blunt. Notice beer bottles on the table, too.

Insiders say Lil Twist, the rapper who was actually driving The Biebs' flashy wheels when it was pulled over, was at the par-tay. Twist and his brother were said to be rolling and smoking blunts.

Know who wasn't there? Gomez.

Shockingly, the insider said Bieber's security detail was at the party, but didn't take any measures to prevent the photos from being taken. Does that mean Biebs wasn't trying to hide the smoking?

As if the suggestion apparent in these photos isn't damaging enough, sources say a female crashed in the same hotel room as JB. Their status or if they hooked up is not known.

Memo to Scooter Braun: You best swoop in and shake your fists at your boy and get him to straighten up and fly right. All this reeks not only of possible pot smoke, but of some bad behavior from the usually clean cut Biebs. He's kicking off 2013 on the most wrong of foots and running with a bad crowd. Right these wrongs.

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