More details are coming to light regarding Justin Bieber's arrest this morning (Jan. 23) in Miami, Fla. He was reportedly arrested for drag racing and DUI after leaving a Miami Beach club. Cops say that he admitted to drinking beer – illegal, since he is 19 — and to having marijuana and prescription drugs in his system. He also resisted arrest.

Egg Gate and the Sizzurp situation seem like a day at the (Miami) beach compared to this!

ABC News reports that Da Biebs was pulled over for speeding in a yellow Lamborghini. He failed a field sobriety test, which is a first-degree misdemeanor and could come with a six-month jail sentence and a license suspension for half-a-year as well.

Since he is a first-time offender, he could end up seeing the charge downgraded to reckless driving thanks to a program that allows for such, according to a lawyer not working on the case. If he did enter a first-time offenders program, he would need to remain drug and alcohol-free, since the state's policy is zero tolerance for underage drinkers.

Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez commented on the case, saying that The Biebs was both under the influence of drugs and incoherent. He had jammed his hands in his pockets and he also resisted arrest albeit in non-violent fashion. He cursed at the arresting officer and that's when he admitted consuming illicit substances. He did not have a current license and the Ga. license he did have was expired.

Another source (via WENN) said he used choice words, saying, "At first he was a little belligerent, questioning, using some choice words – questioning why he was being stopped and, you know, why the officer was even questioning him… He did acknowledge that he did take a prescription medication and that he had been smoking marijuana and that he had consumed a beer.”

That's the drug issues.

Now about the drag racing?

The Biebs' goons apparently parked their cars in a formation on Pine Tree Drive and 26th Street, which is a residential area, so that they could block traffic and created a fake drag strip for the singer so he could burn rubber in the Lambo. Sorry, we have to interject, but this seems to be a case of some enablers surrounding Le Biebs.

He has also shown a predilection for driving dangerously in his own neighborhood.

Khalil Amir Sharieff was the other drag racer on site. He was racing The Biebs in a red Ferrari and was also arrested and charged with DUI. Again, can we interject and say racing these kinds of speedsters is dangerous while sober -- RIP Paul Walker— but doing it while under the influence? BEYOND RIDICULOUS.

The singer was carted off to county jail to be "processed." He was unable to be bailed out until 12PM ET due to the fact that DUI arrests come with a mandatory, eight-hour dry out period.

The WENN report stated that the level of intoxication was not available just yet but those details are secondary, since the combination of substances heightens the danger.

"I don’t have the levels. It’s a combination, when you have narcotics – marijuana and alcohol – it’s the impairment – being impaired while you’re driving," the PD rep said.

See The Biebs grinning in his mug shot here.

E! reports that the singer also left South Beach's SET Nightclub, before the arrest, in the company of several ladies, including model Chantel Jeffries. She looks a LOT like Kim Kardashian. See her here. He rolled in around midnight and throngs of Beliebers waited for him outside. He left at 2AM. He was not seen drinking alcohol at the club.

Update: According to TMZ, his bail is set at $2,500, which is chump change for The Biebs.

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