Justin Bieber's rough start to 2014 just got worse.

The singer saw his Calabasas crib searched after he allegedly egged his neighbor's house, causing several thousands in damage and his pal Lil Za carted off to jail for drug possession. He feared what cops might find on his seized cell phone. Then it was reported that he partakes in sizzurp, the cough syrup, codeine and soda pop cocktail that Lil Wayne has been known to play with, and was being urged to enter rehab. Turns out cops found his house was full of drugs and drug paraphernalia when they searched it.

The cops were looking for evidence that The Biebs launched an egg assault, and were not for drugs. However, insiders close to the happenings said that the deputies found two large cookie jars filled to the brim with weed – as opposed to Oreos -- in plain view. A handful of empty bottles of codeine were also strewn about.

Bongs were located in the TV room and kitchen.

Styrofoam cups which were used for sizzurp were also found all over the place. The cups had unique markings on them, including the names of those who had used them. Sources say The Biebs likes to draw on the cups after using them. Um, okay…

For his sizzurp, The Biebs prefers pineapple-flavored Fanta as opposed to the usual Sprite or Coke. Empty Fanta bottles were also found and they were reportedly stained from codeine.

Cigars of the "swisher sweets" sort were also found on site, which is apparently The Biebs preferred method for smoking pot. He also has a room in the house dedicated to marijuana consumption. There were even hookah pipes. When the cops arrived, a Bieber associate tried to flush the stash down the toilet.

There is one silver lining to this weed cloud. The cops were not looking for drugs in the first place, so they likely didn't have a search warrant that allowed them to look for such -- meaning, The Biebs probably won't get into trouble. They were likely only allowed to seek out possible evidence of the egg raid.

EggGate is turning into DrugGate.

The Biebs is also off enjoying the snow and the cold while all this drama unfolds.

Also, a snippet of a supposed new song landed online. It's posted below.

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