This is what we call double jeopardy.

Justin Bieber's associate Lil Za was arrested when authorities raided the singer's home in search of evidence of his involvement in an egg tossing incident last week. Za was said to be in possession of cocaine, but it turned out to be molly. Apparently, one arrest wasn't enough for Za, since he was arrested for a second time while in custody. What happened?

Za was just about to post bail and be released from custody when he inexplicably flipped out and smashed a phone. He was then re-booked for vandalism. Depending on the phone's value, he could be charged with a felony. This would butt up against the felony drug bust, according to TMZ.

It's also suggested that Za was in possession of ecstasy, aka molly. It was initially thought to be cocaine. Either way, it's a drug and illegal -- and the one thing we take away from it is that there were drugs at the Biebs' abode. And that doesn't (a)bode well.

Watch Lil Za Arrest Footage